Online | Introduction to Counselling | Part Time course (12 hours over 4 or 6 weeks)

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 £285 (plus Eventbrite booking fee)
Offered by:
 The Counselling Foundation



Learning counselling skills is beneficial to any area of life whether for personal development or as a vocation. The Introduction to Counselling course is open to anyone and the skills acquired throughout the course are transferable.

As we continue to work from home, attending meetings via Zoom, our communication skills continue to be vital, to help us understand, observe, empathise, connect and to effectively listen.

The fall out from the pandemic means that now more than ever, those around us will need support to help with anxiety, isolation, depression, loss, or who are just going through difficult times in their lives.

This interactive course benefits those who are responsible for others in any role including managers, team workers, teachers, parents and carers. Whether working in private or public health, nursing, caring, counselling, mental health, teaching, mentoring, guidance, customer services, human resources, management, or pastoral areas.