No More Ironing!

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 Joanne Todd


Anyone who knows me well enough is well aware I’m not a lover of ironing. In fact the iron and I don’t really meet up very often. I wash things, tumble dry on warm with my Norwex 100% Organic New Zealand Wool Tumble Dry Balls or hang to dry with minimum wrinkles. Then smooth with my hands hoping to get away with the ‘just-worn’ look.

Some things you just can’t get away with though, like 100% cotton and linen, so this product to me is a dream come true! Just spray, tug and smooth them away! Biodegradable ingredients gently condition while keeping the garment in shape. Natural fresh fragrance and safe on bright and delicate fabrics. Great for on-the-go! I love it when I climb out of the car with a creased outfit and I need to look good quickly.

Usually £19.99 for a 355ml bottle, get it in SEPTEMBER ONLY for HALF-PRICE! 60 day money-back guarantee as with all our products.

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