Full SEO Website Audit

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 Jon Salinger


Your website is one of the most valuable tools for your business. But how do you know if it’s working well for you?


Are there broken links harming your rankings?

Could there be simple things you could do to improve your rankings?

Could your landing page be tweaked to make a huge difference to your business?


Having an SEO audit will really enable you to see how you can really make your biggest asset work really well for you and your business.


At Darcy Salinger, we can provide a full audit on your website covering a wide range of SEO processes  – Technical Audit, On-Site Audit, Landing Page SEO, Backlink checking, Page Speed Insights & Rank Tracking.


We will then report back with feedback and recommendations.


There is no obligation to implement our recommendations – there may be simple things you can do yourself straight away that will really make a difference, or there may be changes that you can make long term. Either way, knowing how to make your website really work for you will definitely make a huge difference to your business.


Check out our Covid-19 special offer – usual price is £150