Eye Spa

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 £30 for 6 Pack & Eye Therapists SAVING £15
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 Karen Francis


This collection has been curated with our favourite brightening eye products that have been clinically proven to instantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Late nights, long days, early starts, screen gazing, laughter and stress; all signs of a well-lived life. No wonder our poor eyes get tired, overworked, puffy, dark, dry and wrinkly. EYE WILL SURVIVE is your secret weapon, a very clever eye serum-mask-concentrate for a 20-minute rescue treatment. Each bio-cellulose, coconut-derived fabric patch is drenched in our specialist complex I-FIRM, that gently hugs the fragile area delivering a liposome serum into the lower levels of the epidermis for speedy visible results.

EYE THERAPIST is a super cute duo designed to use around the eye area in conjunction with our lymphatic drainage massage ritual. They help increase microcirculation, improve muscle tone and reduce facial tension resulting in a brighter eye area that appears lifted.
Pop them in the fridge for 5 – 10 minutes for an even more cooling and refreshing wake-up for eyes.
People might just ask if you’ve had an eye lift.
Together, this duo is guaranteed to restore your healthy youthful looking eyes.