Cleanse and condition Hand Care Duo

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 Shaifta Sackett


Shea butter hand duo

Cleanse and conditions with a rich creamy moisturising duo.

Replenish your skin with the right hydration.
●Just a quarter or half a pump to wash both hands and back.
●The hand wash can last between 3 to 5 months and the hand lotion even longer.
●This makes it better for the environment as it doesn’t need to be replaced quickly like other high street brands.
●No need to queue outside the shops for hand wash when you can order online and browse for the other wellness products to boost immunity.

Our ultra Premium moisturising shea butter products are enriched with just the essential ingredients, leaving skin feeling supple, soft and radiate,.
Made with sustainable shea butter harvested with fair trade principles, our collection is formulated with future generations in mind.
Also sold separately.