Business English Virtual Course

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 Susan Heaton-Wright


English is the universal business language, and in order to be working globally both a good knowledge of the English language, confidence in speaking in English as well as being understood are essential skills.

We often work with clients in the United Kingdom, face to face; providing workshops and individual training. However, we know that many of our potential clients live overseas, so we offer virtual one to one training and webinars, focusing on developing business English skills. Key areas include:

Accent softening
Confidence building
Widening vocabulary
Skills in being able to speak clearer with pauses and emphasis
Practice in conversations
Using facial expressions and gestures
‘Small Talk’ and local idiom expressions

This particular virtual course is 5 x 1 hour, with each session recorded. The course includes:

Pre=course survey as an assessment
All training material
5 x 1 hour one to one individual training
Sessions are recorded
Access to additional pre-recorded training material. The course has 5 CPD points which are awarded at the end of the course when it is completed.