Peer2Peer Club Membership

Be part of THE Business Club that WILL give you the skills, tools, know-how and support to take your business where you want it to go.

No Fluff!

No Bull****!

No False Promises!

Honest, proven strategies, tools and know-how that actually works! 

And, Peer2Peer Club is not just about a monthly meet up – there’s so much more to it!

Here’s what’s included:

Access to hundreds of unique resources online including:

  • Monthly webinars with the latest in thinking, tools & frames to scale your business
  • Monday MoJo – 5 minute video every Monday to enlighten, motivate and focus
  • “How To Guides” via the Capability Compass framework
  • Monthly Wellness Webinar – ensuring you look after YOU and your team
  • Peer2Peer Club LinkedIn Chat Room – to help grow your connections


Monthly half day event at Rothamsted Conference Centre – giving you:

  • Core themes, e.g. growth, productivity, social, marketing, finance etc
  • Keynote and panel discussion
  • Connections with like-minded business people
  • Themed Talk Torque Tables (Q&A with experts and your peers)
Patrons of TBC St Albans