Marketing Your Business

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There are limited additional opportunities to get your business out there! First come, first served.


Front cover of BizCom – taking bookings for issue 4 onwards – we only produce 4 BizComs a year, so if you want incredible exposure for your business, then book the cover now! (There are only 4 per year!)

£750 for front cover

£500 for back cover

£250/£280 for inside full page

£180/£210 for inside half page

£120/£150 for inside quarter page

£40/£60 for voucher



Website sponsorship opportunities – again, these are only once a month! So only 12 spots available in a year!

£500 per month



host, jelly, st albans,


Jelly Hosting (only available to TBC St Albans members) – we do 12 a year at The King Harry and 11 per year at The Holiday Inn – that’s just 23 spots available a year!  Book your business in





Host the St Albans facebook groups

Only available to TBC St Albans members

If you’re a member of the group, you’ll be familiar with our daily themes on Facebook… #magnetmonday #telluswhatyoudotuesday etc

Well, instead of it being one of the TBC team that posts those prompts every day, it could be you!

You’ll need to be able to post the prompt each morning and be available to do the news on a Friday morning – and it’s up to you how much you engage with what people post on those threads.

Hosting gives you the chance to be seen by everyone in the group so they can find out a little bit more about you, you get to find out more about our members and we’ll tell the world on our social media channels that you’re the host.




Book these fantastic opportunities for your business in the TBC St Albans shop – or email – don’t miss out – get your business involved with this incredible community