How can being a TBC member help your business?

There’s tons of things you can do as a TBC member – here’s some short but sweet videos to help you get incredible publicity for YOUR business:




What should I do when I first become a TBC member?


What’s TBC News about and how does it help my business?


So how does uploading my top tips to the TBC website help my business?


How does sharing my business story on the TBC website help my business?


Can I put my products and services in the TBC shop?


How will adding your events and workshops to the TBC events page help your business?



What is TBC Team Up Events all about?


What is BizCom and how can it help my business?


What is TBC TV and how can it help your business?


Did you know that TBC members can host a jelly? Why is this fab for your business?


Did you know you can sponsor the TBC website?




If you would like our team to do any of the above for you, i.e. upload your events, write your profile, write your news, etc. then we can!  Simply head to the TBC shop, ensure you are logged in and go to Member Services where you can simply book for what you want done 🙂 Result!


Not yet a member but want to join the TBC St Albans Team? Come and get involved