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DCS Voice and Vision
Hummingbird Office Solutions Limited

Hummingbird provides HR, bookkeeping and admininstrative support helping businesses to grow and giving them peace of mind. Focus on your strengths and outsource the rest.


Hummingbird provides business support to growing businesses to try and relieve some of the stress running your own company can bring. We can't do it all and it is important to be compliant. Hummingbird can provide your HR, bookkeeping and administration function plus help out on projects when needed. This is a bespoke service tailored to individual needs whether you need adhoc help or a regular commitment - we can help! Remember there is somebody out there who loves jobs you don't enjoy and are good at them. Hummingbird help businesses to grow.

Madison HR

Madison HR was established in June 2017 by Kavya Andersen-Tuffnell and Louise Murray.

Although slightly in denial, we have to admit that we have over 30 years’ of combined HR experience!

We are both CIPD qualified. We used to work together at a top 50 UK Accountancy practice where Louise was responsible for the HR services for internal staff and Kavya oversaw HR for external clients.

We realised that we wanted to use our experience and knowledge to help SMEs who may not have an internal HR function. By setting up our HR consultancy we could assist individuals and organisations by providing legally compliant HR advice that was specific to their requirements. A lot of HR issues tend to stem from lack of clear communication between managers and employees.

Therefore our approach is to encourage people to #haveaconversation. Talking early on can stop small issues becoming big issues that are harder to manage and can land a company in an employment tribunal. No-one wants that.

We are honest with our clients and look for a fair and consistent resolution to any issues. Our risk assessment of an issue will help you to be proactive when it comes to HR matters.


Founder and Chief of Sorting at Sorted.
Providing businesses with a professional Executive Assistant service.


With over 28 years of secretarial, organisational and administrative experience, we provide clients with a professional Executive Assistant service.

Highly qualified to RSA standards.

Efficient and confidential service.

UK Business Buddy
About: Tell us about your business - what you do and why you do it etc.
Deirdre Swede Nutrition
About: I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist dealing with all aspects of women’s health, particularly maintaining health and balance through life transitions. I offer bespoke nutritional advice to women who want to actively engage in their wellbeing, and my focus is on female hormonal health, autoimmunity and thyroid function. My practice is based at my beautiful clinic just outside Welwyn village. My mission is to help women live happier, healthier lives as a result of nutritional and lifestyle changes. I am passionate about working collaboratively with my clients to restore harmony and balance.
Hypnos Wellbeing

I'm Geraldine, and I'm obsessed with helping people achieve optimal health and in turn feel and look truly fabulous without surgery, crazy diets or a ton of strange pills.


I’m Geraldine, a Health Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP and CBP practitioner and I’m passionate about helping people like you (and me) achieve their best selves.

I have more techniques than you can shake a stick at to get you to where you want to be. If you’d like to know more about them check out the FAQ’s page.

What’s more when I say ‘where YOU want to be’ I really mean it. We are all amazing, fascinating and complex individuals and I want to honour that in you.

My background is in healthcare which means that I am by nature and training caring, professional, practical and down to earth. I am also hot on dignity and confidentiality.

Over the years I feel that I really have seen it all which means I’m pretty un-shockable as well as totally non-judgmental when faced with peoples’ issues, problems and behaviours. It is my mission to help others fall in love with themselves, because I believe it’s the best place to come from in order to achieve anything in life. If we have internal self-hate which causes us to punish ourselves and self-sabotage, then how can we look out to the wonders of the world and enjoy all the opportunities that life has to offer us?

It has taken me many years and a lot of work to finally be in a position where I can love, accept and forgive myself, because for a long time I never felt that I was good enough.

There was always someone cleverer, thinner and prettier out there, so I hid and played it safe. After all what was the point of putting myself out there for ridicule, judgement and comparison? Food became my friend, a friend that I used and abused. When I developed a chronic auto immune condition in my early 20’s I was convinced that I’d caused it and that this was my body giving me what I wanted, a way of punishing myself as I’d so often done. It was through discovering my spiritual side in my late 20’s that I began to work with my body rather than against it. It didn’t happen overnight though and there were more than a few bumps and dark nights of the soul along the way.

In the end, I finally accepted that if I was truly a spiritual creature and connected to something bigger than myself, then I had to work with my body and not against it. Today I can truly say that I love and cherish my whole self with my mind and body working in harmony.

I now believe it is my purpose in life to serve others by helping them too experience this glorious freedom. It is this calling that led me to train as a Hypnotherapist and Health coach, and to continue to learn and improve my knowledge and skills. That bag of tools I have at my disposable are powerful kick arse stuff. They are also safe, relaxing and natural. I have seen them create amazing and effective transformation in so many peoples’ lives, including my own. Clients come to me for help with a variety of issues, in particular: Weight Loss Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Dependency/Addiction to Sugar, Chocolate or other foods Overeating Motivation, especially around moving the body Stress and Anxiety Stopping Smoking Confidence and Self Esteem, especially around body image Fears and Phobias

So how can you experience this for yourselves and find out more? The easiest way is to drop me a line at or call 07855954428/01992 842646 where we can chat, get to know each other and hatch a plan.

I have clinics in St Albans, Hoddesdon and offer Telephone or Skype coaching for your convenience. I am also offer complementary Look and feel fabulous telephone discovery sessions where you will discover over the course of 45-60 mins: What’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body and health you want A powerful vision for your Mind and body transformation, and what it means for you and your life Which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your mind and body down…and what can be done about it How I work, what Health Coaching feels like, whether you and I are a good fit to work together and what my recommendations are going forward (even if that isn’t working with me).

As well as my professional qualifications, I am also registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register. This is a professional body which has a strict code of standards and ethics which all its members must abide by.

I also hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and am registered with the Information Commissioner. Please note also that individual results will vary and that as with any therapy there are no guarantees.

Maria Isaeva Wealth Management

Giving my clients time to focus on their family, business or to simply have time to enjoy life in the knowledge that their wealth is being managed effectively to meet their needs.

About: Based locally, I offer a personal financial planning service to individuals, their families and business owners. I invest the time required to understand what is important to you and, together, we look to create a working plan, providing you with a clear direction towards meeting your financial goals. My services include: • Financial protection for your family and/or your business; • Building and preserving capital; • Planning for a successful retirement. Contact me for a no obligation review of your current financial situation.
St Albans Decor

I have been a painter and decorator for over 25 years training at Oaklands college in St Albans I started by carrying my ladders around St Albans until I brought my first van


QUALIFIED PAINTERS AND DECORATORS ST ALBANS Interior and exterior painting and decorating services for residential and commercial properties. Professional, insured and fully qualified painters with over 20 years experience. We can help you with all your decorating services, including internal and external painting and decorating, kitchen painting and floor sanding. We have male and female painters and decorators available.

St Albans Decor Studio is now OPEN 161 Victoria Street for painting kitchens cabinets and woodwork


Professional all breed Dog Grooming. Doggy Day Care, Boot camp and agility. 1to1 Training by Dog Behavioural Expert, from simple lead pulling to red zone aggression


Here at our spacious calm and air conditioned salon, situated in a lovely woodland setting, our professional groomers deal with all breeds of dogs, talking to our clients and finding out just what they want for their pooch. We work with lots of rescue and nervous dogs and are able to groom dogs that other groomers give up on, all it takes is time and patience, something that not all Grooming salons can give. We also run a structured Doggy Day Care, run by resident Dog Behavioral Expert, Oliver. Large secure inside and outside area's, including a large secure field that Oliver carries out mental and physical activities with the dogs, such as scenting and agility. Dogs also go on a long lead walk and come back for place work and calm time. Oliver is also available for 1-1 training, where he has a phenomenal success rate for problems ranging from simple lead pulling to red zone aggression. For Grooming and Daycare call 01923 839165 or see our website or for 1-1 behavioral training call 07525 687621 or go to

Ian Silverstein - CREATIVE THINKER

Consultant helping build your business / brand positioning / mentoring / creativity / design management / strategic and commercial advice #goodworkgoodpeople

About: With over 25 years’ experience in the creative industry, having founded and managed an international design consultancy as well as starting a number of other lifestyle and creative businesses, I am now looking to use my experience to support others to build their businesses, brands and ideas. In essence I am looking for 'good people, to do good business with'. Utilising my experience, knowledge, contacts and enthusiasm, I am seeking new opportunities that enable me to work with dynamic people and do great things. ​
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