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Video – #BoostYourBrandChallenge – 19th – 22nd Nov

19th November 2019 @ 8:00 am - 22nd November 2019 @ 11:00 pm


It’s back!!! #BoostYourBrandChallenge this time a video challenge.

#BoostYourBrandChallenge is designed to help people in your social feed gain a better understanding of who you are as a brand.

Do you struggle to share video content on social media?

Know you should be doing videos but got no idea what to say?

Want to help people get a real feel for your brand?

Starting next Tuesday 19th November, I am running #BoostYourBrandChallenge video post on social media.

People buy and connect with faces, personality, and voice so video is a powerful way to let people get to know you better. Short social videos provide exposure for your business and allow people to engage with you on a personal level and raise your profile.

I realise it isn’t easy doing a video of yourself and putting it out there, I’ve had all the, ‘what will I say, why would anyone be interested in listening to me’ thoughts. Ultimately our business in some way or another transforms, changes, improves, impacts our customers lives. That’s why we are in business (think about it, you thrive on the outcomes your customers receive from you). It’s up to us to share our brand to reach them and help them. In other words, get out of your own way 😉

So, to get you started this challenge will ask you 3 questions, asking you to answer one a day in a short video.

Here are the 3 questions

In preparation for the challenge starting 19th November. Here are the questions you will need to answer to raise your profile and boost your brand with three different videos between 19th and 22nd Nov.

1. Introduce yourself and your business

2. What are the typical challenges / problems your customers face?

3. How do you help your customers overcome their challenges?

How to get involved

I’ll be posting a question every day with supporting text to probe some thoughts starting from Tuesday 19th November.

1) View my post that will have the question for the day on my personal Linked In page or opt-in to receive a daily email with the question http://bit.ly/BYBEmailAlerts

2) Put your phone on video mode, and record your answer. (it may take a few takes, that’s totally normal!!) Suggested video length is 1min – 3mins.

3) Upload it on to your preferred platform/s (eg Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) along with the question so people who are viewing the video have the context of what you are answering.

4) Remember to use the hashtag #BoostYourBrandChallenge so we too can see your posts.

5) You do have to answer the questions in the order they have been given. You can post the videos any day from Tuesday 19th November onwards.

Please remember the objective of this challenge is not to have a spruced-up video with titles, and graphics etc (if you know-how, great, do it) The main objective is for you to share a bit about your brand and business through the questions asked on the video. Just imagine you are talking to your ideal client, and they’ve just asked you these questions.

What matters is the message you are getting across, is it clear for people to understand what you do and how?

Do I have to answer every question?

The questions are designed in a way to help you get snippets of your brand, brand story, personality and expertise across. If you choose not to continue the questions you will be leaving people with an incomplete story.

7 reasons to get involved:

1) Allow you to have visibility and build credibility by showcasing your true authentic personal brand, brand personality and stories.

2) Get seen by your network in your feed (and in other feeds) You may share a certain type of content usually, #BoostYourBrandChallenge will make you stand out.

3) Plant seeds in potential prospects about you, and your brand. You just never know who will be scrolling!

4) Help people to know things they didn’t previously know about you and form a deeper connection or new connections!

5) You sometimes find it a struggle to post content on social. I have questions. You already have the answers, it’s your brand! You just have to tell us about it.

6) Eliminate that fear and build your confidence in doing videos.

7) It’s FREE!!

This challenge is for small, medium, big size businesses, old, new businesses, it really doesn’t matter.

Would you like a daily reminder of the questions in your inbox next week? Sign up http://bit.ly/BYBEmailAlerts (you can unsubscribe after the challenge finishes).

Be sure to add in the hashtag #BoostYourBrandChallenge and reach out to more people that aren’t in your feed! Happy posting….

Look forward to seeing your videos!

Aarti 😊

Brand Consultant + Brand Coach

Awaken | Transform | Progress


19th November 2019 @ 8:00 am
22nd November 2019 @ 11:00 pm
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