My journey as a self employed Masseuse

Posted on by Emma Hayes of Emma Hayes massage

Hey guys,

So I thought I’d tell you about my business journey so far!

I qualified in massage in Brighton where I immediately started working and began to build up clients.  I’d never worked on my own before but liked the prospect of having the freedom to feel what I needed to feel. What I mean is.. With a regular 9-5 jobs.. I really struggled to feel ready for work. I struggle with anxiety and illness a lot and this means working to a schedule can be hard for me.

Working self employed has allowed me to feel less overwhelmed and able to pick times which suit both me and my clients. I feel able to understand other people because I know how challenging mental.. and physical health can be. You won’t always find it easy to get out of bed.. Put a smile on your face.. and face the world. However there are steps you can take which can help you to feel more at ease and calm.

My massage offers an open and friendly space. It’s your time to relax and let go. There’s nothing you need to do now. There are no expectations, no goals, no targets, just a clean time and space for you to immerse yourself in and nourish your mind, your body, your soul.

If you can start to look after your wellbeing and incorporate some of this into your life.. You should start to slow down the negative thoughts and highly strung adrenaline. Wouldn’t you love to have an hour to just relax and take time out from all the challenges you face?


I know I do!


Let me know if you’d like to discuss or enquire, I’m happy to help.